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The Lake District is England’s largest natural park and is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Covering over 885 square miles the Lake District has 14 lakes, although only one is officially classed a lake, Bassenthwaith, and the rest are known as meres, or waters.
The deepest lake, Wastwater is 74 metres deep, while the highest point in the Lake District, Scafell Pike is nearly 1000 metres tall. The Lake Disctrict has six peaks over 900 metres tall, which makes it an ideal haven for climbers and walkers.

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Tours of the Lake District
The stunning scenery that can be found in the Lake District makes it an ideal location for going on tours, and Lake District Tours are renowned as being fantastic experiences. 15.8 million people come every year to visit the Lake District and visit the 6000 different monuments and archaeological sites which have been dated pre World War Two.

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For more information on features of the lake district visit: Lake District Tourist Guide – Local Information


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